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Hear what our guests have to say about their experience...

“If you’re going to rent an E-Bike in the central area of Vermont, you really want to go through Vermont Bike & Brew. Jonas, the owner and a local to the area, was awesome to work with, planning out a really fun route that had us off the main roads, exploring some of the beauty of the area, while also making sure we went by some local spots for refreshments. Now that I’ve tried out an E-Bike, I’ll happily take one out again in the near future.

Jeff G. Jericho, VT

“An excellent way to explore Vermont’s beautiful back roads and a great way to spend a day! The bikes are comfortable and very steady, and the pedal assist makes climbing hills and putting down big miles easy where it might have been impossible before. You can really get to some awesome places that would have been out of reach otherwise.”

Hayes D. | Thetford, VT

“A fantastic experience!! The route we followed had a good mix of scenery, terrain and options to visit local businesses (farm, general store, lake, winery). It was our first time using this type of bike and it made a 25-mile trip very doable. And very importantly, Jonas was there from our first phone call through the completion of the trip to ensure we had everything we needed. Can’t wait until our next visit and another ride!!”

Christian K. | Yardley, PA

“The best way to see Vermont!”

Katelyn B. | Bethel, VT

“What a perfect afternoon on ebikes! We biked quite a distance on a 90 degree day and barely broke a sweat using the pedal assist uphill. Jonas gave us a great loop to follow that led past expansive mountain views, an old dam, and a sweet little covered bridge. Highly recommended!”

Anna C. | Norwich, VT

“We had so much fun! We had a gorgeous back-road ride, lakeside picnic and beer finale. Electric bikes let us see so much more of (the crazy hillsides of) Vermont. Fantastic way to spend our anniversary- highly recommend!”

Ellen W. | Burlington, VT

“So fun. A great way to spend time with others while enjoying the beautiful Vermont scenery!”

Marnie W. | Thetford, VT

“Urged by our children and son-in-law, who all had great experiences on earlier rides with VB&B, we signed up for a morning’s local ride. Jonas was prompt, efficient, and informative in getting us all off on our journey. He has a winning enthusiasm, low-key but effective, that calms the anxious neophyte while psyching up the whole crowd. The bikes were great and opened new possibilities for those of us for whom ‘aging gracefully’ would include more cycling if our trips didn’t have to end with a three-and-a-half mile uphill climb back to our house. E-Bikes seem to solve this problem! We’ll be back!!!”

Vic H. | Thetford, VT

“My wife and I rented e-bikes and went on a custom tour on a beautiful weekend morning. It was a wonderful time, the bikes were easy and fun to ride and took us places and up hills we’d have never been able to reach on bike otherwise. We had a true tour of Vermont from the farms and scenic landscapes to the ice cream. Jonas provides a wonderful service and really attends to all the customers’ needs. We highly recommend!”

Adam W. | Norwich, VT

“Exceeded my expectations! I arrived a bit nervous as I had not been on even a regular bike for several years. Jonas not only took the time to ensure I was comfortable on the workings of his amazing eBike he also suggested the perfect route to enable us to have fun, feel safe, and see beautiful areas of VT that I had never explored. I cannot thank Jonas enough for introducing me to another VT adventure option. I will be back in a few weeks and look forward to another outing with Vermont Bike & Brew!!”

Linda H. | Westford, MA

“We had an absolutely delightful day celebrating our 40th anniversary. Jonas was so helpful and knowledgeable and informative and all round a delight to meet and his bikes are incredible!!!!”

Anita O. | Strafford, VT

“Enjoyed the hockey sticks out of my first ebike trek last weekend. 37.7 mile loop from Thetford and (almost) none the worse for the wear. Numerous heartbreak hills were tamed and the gravel roads were easy peesey lemon squeezy as advertised. Jonas was really helpful and cheerful and I’ll definitely do it again!”

Gary W. | Hartford, VT

“Great afternoon ride thru back roads of Quechee and Pomfret. The EBikes provided by VT bike and Brew were awesome as was Jonas. Highly recommend.”

Bob M. | Unionville, CT

“I had such a good time using these e-bikes!! Jonas made sure I was comfortable and knew how everything worked before I got on the road, and it’s so fun to be able to go uphill with ease! I would recommend this to anyone looking to see great Vermont views in a super fun way.”

Natalie C. | White River Junction, VT

“The bikes were amazing. I’m 6’8” and 265 lbs and I rode 22 miles around Norwich VT on gravel roads, class 4 roads, up Dutton Hill, up Brigham Hill, up Tilden Hill, New Boston, Turnpike, up Upper Turnpike…I was amazed at the how smooth the gear changes were and the disc brakes. The electric motor assist was amazing!”

Andrew J. | Providence, RI

“We rented three e-bikes for a self-guided ride from Hanover to Woodstock and back. Jonas delivered the bikes to the house, trained us on how to ride them and all the settings, made sure made sure we were comfortable with all the details. The day was a joy, and we simply could not have done the almost 40-mile, extremely hilly ride with regular bikes. You still get a good work-out, but the hills are a delightful rather than daunting! And you get to enjoy the scenery more, in a more relaxed way! Jonas’ customer service, knowledge, enthusiasm, and good humor are exceptional—definitely do this!!!”

Ruth K. | Newton, MA

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